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Spring 2023



There are awesome reasons to be part of the YC Soccer Club: our programming is nationally recognized, voted North Americas MLS Community MVP Champions and National US Youth Soccer volunteer of the year. We have earned 51 Presidential Service awards over the last 3 years for volunteerism, including 2 Life Time Achievement Awards. We have been the Oregon State Volunteers of the year twice, and we are still the only certified Vision Training Soccer Club in Oregon. Having fun, individual development and giving back are all #1 at YCSC and we are “Building Community through the Love of the Game”. Our goal is to provide a place for every child to grow and be part of their community.


Register NOW for Spring Soccer Programs starting late February 🤩


Friday Night Small-sided (SS) Games Program
PreK-5th grade $50. *
Level I & II start March 6th

Levels III- V start Feb 21st

Vision Training & REC Teams

Level IV & V SS / Champions Club players, playing 6V6 & 7V7 in Mac Parks and Rec (registration Deadline 2/7)
Sat Games at Joe Dancer Park, McMinnville. Register for Friday Night Games Program & select the $20 Rec add on. ALL players at this level will be required to have “Vision Training” (Feb 27-March 3) and skill for successful team play. Includes 2 SS practices, 1-2 Team sessions/scrimmages, Friday Night Games and 8 Rec Games (Most Sat AM)

Feb 27-May 13th, ($50. SS, Plus $20.)*


4th-5th Advanced Girls playing 9V9 in the Willamette Valley Classic League  Training now.

6th-8th Grade Boys Team (optional coed) playing 11V11 in the Willamette Valley Classic League

6th-8th Grade Girls Team playing 11V11 in the Willamette Valley Classic League

(Vision Training Req’d, Feb 27-March 3) Games in Salem at Capital FC Facility March-June 10, $80 * (Flexible scheduling for multi-sport athletes)

Please note: We include players where they will have the best opportunity for growth regardless of age. If your have questions about your player, please contact Coach Karen 503-519-2591

Vision Training w/ TJ Kostecky
Here from New York to provide FREE programming for all Level III-V SS players, MS/HS/ adult. Req’d for all Team play. (Feb 27-March 6)
Monday, February 27th Level III & IV SS*, 3:00-4:30pm
Monday, February 27th 4th-8th grade, 4:30-6:00pm
Tuesday, February 28th Level IV SS* 3:30-4:15pm
Tuesday, February 28th Level V SS*, 4:15-6:00pm
Tuesday, February 28th MS+, 6:00-8:00pm

Wednesday, March 1st Level III & IV SS*, 3:00-4:30pm Wednesday, March 1st 4th-8th grade, 4:30-6:00pm
**More options 3/1-3/3 TBD based on skill level & participation

2023 Spring Small-sided Games Season Schedule and Practice Info:

PRACTICE: All practices will be held in the YCSC Arena/turf, Pine St & Monroe, Carlton. Note: No cleats at the arena, running or court shoes and shin guards please. Bring a water bottle and a healthy snack for before or after the session, and please supervise your player in the parking area!


LEVEL I SS (Pre-K, parent "Buddy" join us on the court) PreK, Monday 3:00-3:30pm, Tuesday 11:30 - Noon (starting March 7th).


LEVEL II SS (Experienced PreK ready for 1V1 competition and new Kindergarten Girls and Boys: Mondays 3:30-4:00pm (starting March 7th).


LEVEL III SS 1st Grade & Advanced K, Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00-4:45pm. This session will focus on 2v2 & building to 3v3, seeing teammates & learning to attack space with/without the ball. (Starting Feb. 27th w/ Vision Training special time: 3:00pm-4:30pm)


LEVEL IV & V SS all older and advance SS players (able to play 3v3 & 4v4, using teammates to build an attack, transition from offense to defense) Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm (starting February 21st, Please note special Vision Training hours 2/27-3/6)).

Note: It is best to start your player at the level they will be most confident and comfortable. It is much easier to move a player up than down. If you have a question about what level is best for your player please call Coach Karen.


GAMES: Friday nights April 7th through May 12th at the YCSC Turf field (cleats suggested & shin-guards required). New teams will be formed for each week immediately following check- in. More game info to follow.

Register for Spring and be sure to bring your player out NOW for On-going FREE Winter Programming. Players attending our free programming outside the season are accelerating at a high rate. Having fun, playing with all ages, getting thousands of touches on the ball makes a huge difference: Please bring running/court shoes. NO CLEATS in Arena (only on turf field)!

FREE Spring Programming NOW:


2:15-3:15pm Champions Club (Shape Game & Futsal Game for Level II on up


6:00-7:30pm all women 18+, YCHS Girls team


5:00-8:00pm All Club Scrimmage

Proposed Arena/Turf Schedule for Spring Youth Programs February 21st - May 13th

3:00-3:30 Level I emerging PreK / K

3:30- 4:00 SS Games - Kindergarten Level II (start March 6th)
4:00-4:45 SS Games - Level III (1st grade and advanced K, new 2nd grade)

5:00-6:30 Team Lightning Vision Girls (advanced 4th/5th grade) 


10:30-11:10 FREE Toddler Fun Time (PreK welcome) starting mid March based on weather.
11:30-noon SS Games - Prek (for PM preK & homeschool PreK) Level I (start March 6th) 
3:30-4:15 SS Games - 2nd grade (& advanced 1st) Level IV
3:30-5:00 MS Girls Team on big Turf
6:00-7:30 MS Boys Teams on Big Turf
2:15-3:15 Shape Game - All level Champions Club
3:30- 4:00 SS Games - Kindergarten Level II (start March 6th)
4:00-4:45 SS Games - Level III (1st grade and advanced K)
5:00-6:30 Team Vision Girls (advanced 4th/5th grade) 
3:30-4:15 SS Games - 2nd grade (& advanced 1st) Level IV / V
4:30-5:15 Team “Creamsicle/Ninjas” & Girls REC Team

6:00-7:30 MS Boys Teams on Big Turf
6:00-7:30 Adult Women
Friday Small-sided Game Night! (start April 7th)
5:00-5:15 SS Games - field set up
5:15-5:30 SS Games - Level I-IV (PreK-2nd) check-in (& warm-up)

5:45-6:30 Level I-IV (PreK-2nd) Games w/ MS Game Managers 6:30-7:30 Level V small-sided games w/ MS


Thank you for supporting your players athletic development and community involvement! Coach Karen 503-519-2591

“Building Community through the Love of the Game ❤ ”.

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