Juggle your age

Level 1 juggling skill and a requirement to earn your  Champions Club jacket!


Tic Tocs

Can you keep this going for at least 30 seconds? Knees bent and an athletic stance? Can you get your eyes up?

Toe Taps

Can you keep this going for a full minute? (30 seconds for your young players). Can you make the ball as still as possible? Feather light touches!

Standing Rollovers

Can you do this on both right and left foot? Can you close your eyes and feel the ball?


ARENA Address:

Gate at Pine St. & Monroe St

Carlton, OR 97111


YC Elementary School, Carlton OR

The non-profit YC Soccer Club is a sponsored project of Yamhill Carlton Together Cares (YCTC). 

YCTC can be reached at 503-852-4405

YCSC Program Director

Karen Wright

PO Box 190

Carlton, OR 97111

YC SoccerClub@gmail.com


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