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Coaching Vision Training w/ TJ Kostecky

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Vision Training in Carlton with TJ Kostecky, Vision Training Soccer CO-Founder, Bard College Head mens Coach, (previous Long Island University Division 1- Head Coach of the mens program 20 years) . TJ Kostecky came to Carlton for his 6th visit, May 2023 offering amazing VISION TRAINING sessions to all coaches, parents and interested older players.  Coach Kostecky believes while strength, power and speed are emphasized, VISION remains the missing link in US soccer programs. "Vision is the catalyst that enables decision-making, problem solving and creativity."

Coach TJ will  be returning March 12-16, 2024❤️  We look forward to the February 6th release of his new book "EYES UP". Register to stay informed about his future programs.  Additional Vision Training support sessions available with YCSC's  VTS licensed Coaches/players.



Fall League / Program Registration coming soon

2024/25 Free Summer Programming

$15/annual 2023-2024 Club Membership required/ Waiver required

 ALL Players must bring court/running shoes! NO CLEATS in Arena, (Cleats OK on Turf only)



Participate in 3 sessions/activities to earn your free Champions Club jersey & badges for every 3 additional participations. Join us to develop your skills at your own pace! Join the Juggling wall of fame by juggling your "age", and demonstrate 29 other fun skills to earn your FREE Champions Club Jacket!


  FREE Toddler/PreK Fun Time. 

 Tuesday's at the Arena: 

 Toddler and Me Time 10:30-11:00am (Mid March - Oct 31)

 PreK Fun Time 10:30-11:15am (Mid-March- Oct 31) 

 Join us for an obstacle course and fun games to develop body and spacial  awareness in a fun and engaging atmosphere​​. Please Register NOW to attend. 



2023-2024 YCSC Annual membership $15:

 Free arena drop-in MS/HS/adult 
 Free Vision Training 
Free Coaching Clinics and Events 
Free All Club tournaments 

 "Over 21" Bubbly Cup 

 Champions Club Mentors 
 Free Strength, Speed and Endurance (SSE) w/ Coach Sarah 
Free Turf Time with the Ball Thrower 
Yamhill County Women's Programming 

 Contact Coach Karen for more info 

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