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We believe every child should have the opportunity to play soccer and be an important part of their community. Our goal is to bring the highest level of locally accessible training possible, while encouraging mentorship and a true community spirit in all our players. We provide our facility at no cost to families and we encourage mixed age/skill play to develop creative engaged players.


We train to be great.

We help others in our community.

We have FUN!


The YC Soccer Club is an all volunteer program. We encourage parents and players to get involved, "Building Community through the Love of the Game" of soccer. We offer free training to all our volunteer coaches/parents. All players of the YCSC are encouraged to give back to their community through mentorship and the many volunteer opportunities we make available throughout the year.

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Oregon's 1st certified club with Vision Training Soccer

Vision Training Soccer Club

From PreK on up we are using Vision Training Soccer methodology to enable our players to "see" the field, make their own intelligent decisions,  learn to play in the "flow" and to empower them to be highly creative player. Thank you Coach TJ Kostecky for your investment in our community and the future of our players! Pre-order his book on Amazon!


Our most successful players start in our fun and engaging, instructional Small-side Games Program,  focusing on individual ball-handling skills. From there they can progress through recreational or competitive soccer Leagues, or just play in multiple free sessions weekly of mixed age/skill groups. We also have High School and Advanced Academy programs for our older players. We offer numerous FREE programs including: Free Toddler Fun Time for our littlest community members and their parents, Emerging Programs and Champions Club, and Arena Drop-ins for our middle school age players on up. We are fully inclusive and provide opportunities for all ages, genders and skill levels to play in a fun community atmosphere. Our members enjoy an AWESOME free Camps and tournaments, plus multiple opportunities to train with visiting coaches from around the world. Join us and find YOUR path!

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