Free Toddler FUN Time every Tuesday!

10:30-11:00am YCSC Arena
Running/soft soled shoes only



AC Chehalem Valley
and the YCSC
We want to inspire ALL women to "Get Up and Go" - Join us!

Welcome all Women 18+

Scrimmage Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm
Let's get out and show the young players that women (and moms!) know how to have fun and make new friends! We are here to empower women, build confidence, build resilience and fitness.
All levels welcome ❤️
Waiver Required!

Vision Training
w/ TJ Kostecky

Returning in June!

We are the ONLY Vision Training Club in Oregon, and Vision training is the backbone of ALL club training.❤️
Every player needs Vision Training for team play, please join us at this incredible event!


Mighty Minds Run Club
Summer Camp 2022

Youth empowerment through fun  games and movement.

ages 4-7 & 8-12

Registration opening soon!
June 20-24th


Thank You Mike and Kyle
awesome friends from the Timbers & Thorns.
You have helped us from the 
beginning, introduced us to so many wonderful coaches and embraced our community.
We are SO appreciative❤️

Join the club for Free Timbers Camp every summer!!


Spring Soccer
Registration OPEN!

Small-side Game Program
PreK-5th grade

Program starts Monday, March 28th
Games Friday Nights at the YCSC Turf


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YCSC Community "SALE"
...Postponed until summer!
HELP our awesome and big hearted players sponsor a player from the Uganda Lacrosse Team to the US this summer for the Women's Wold Cup. ❤️ We have $1000. more to raise, and any funds raised above and beyond will go to our scholarship Fund.

Save your items to donate.
We need lots of help setting up and placing /removing signs.

Items can be donated and collected at the YCSC Container.

Please contact Coach Karen 503-519-2591

"Over 21"
Bubbly Cup
To Be Rescheduled! SORRY!
Cost of admission is a donation of a bottle of wine (the Oregon good stuff?) for our scholarship raffle fundraiser ❤️ Refreshments served 😉!
Waiver req'd


2022 Spring Small-sided Season Schedule and Practice Info:


PRACTICE: All practices will be held in the YCSC Arena, gate at Pine St & Monroe, Carlton.


Please note: NO CLEATS IN THE ARENA, running or court shoes and shin guards please. Bring a water bottle and a healthy snack for before or after the session, and please supervise your player in the parking area!


LEVEL I (Pre-K, parent "Buddy" welcome on the court) two time options for AM & PM PreK, TUES/THURS 11:15-11:45am or 1:00-1:30 (starting TUES March 29th). 


LEVEL II (Experienced PreK ready for 1V1 competition and new Kindergarten

Girls and Boys: MON/WED 3:30-4:10pm (starting MON March 28th).


LEVEL III  1st Grade & Advanced K, Mondays and Wednesdays 4:15-5:00pm (starting MON March 28). This session will focus on 2v2 & building to 3v3, seeing teammates & learning to attack space with/without the ball.


LEVEL IV all older and advance SS players (able to play 3v3 & 4v4, using teammates to build an attack, transition from offense to defense) Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm (starting TUES March 29). All Level V team players should also join Level IV to advance individual skills.


LEVEL V Advanced 1st-5th Youth players from winter Champions Club & Vision Training, with scrimmages, games and opportunities TBD outside Small-sided Games Program. - Well Done! Keep up the great effort❤️


Note: It is best to start your player at the level they will be most confident and comfortable. It is much easier to move a player up than down. If you have a question about what level is best for your player please call Coach Karen. 


GAMES: Friday nights April 8th-May 13th at the YCSC Turf field (cleats suggested & shin-guards required). New teams will be formed for each week immediately following check-in. More game info to follow.

Full Calendar Schedule for Spring Youth Programs March 28th - May 13th

Small-sided Games Program (SS Games) and Teams (all Teams , except Level V advanced youth, have already begun team training)


3:30- 4:10 SS Games -  Level II (Kindergarten)

4:15-5:00 SS Games - Level III (1st grade and advanced K)

5:00-6:15 Team Vision Girls (advanced 4th/5th grade) Level V-VI

6:00-7:30 6th-8th grade Teams



10:30-11:10 FREE Toddler Fun Time (PreK welcome)

11:15-11:45 SS Games - Prek Level I

3:30-4:30 SSGames - adv. 2nd grade -5th (& advanced 1st) Level IV

4:30-5:30 Advanced Youth Team Level V (all included in Level IV training, this is specific to team activities only)

6:30-8:00 AC Chehalem and all women 18+



2:30-3:20 Drop-in Shape Game - All level

3:30- 4:10 SS Games - Level II (Kindergarten)

4:15-5:00 SS Games - Level III (1st grade and advanced K)

5:00-6:15 Team Vision Girls (advanced 4th/5th grade) Level V-VI

6:00-7:30 6th-8th grade Teams



11:15-11:45 SS Games - Prek Level I

3:30-4:30 SSGames - adv. 2nd grade -5th (& advanced 1st) Level IV

4:30-5:30 Advanced Youth Team Level V (all included in Level IV training, this is specific to team activities only)

6:30-8:00 AC Chehalem and all women 18+


Friday Small-sided Game Night! Starting April 8

5:00-5:15  SSGames - field set up

5:15-5:30 SSGames - Level I-IV (PreK-2nd)  check-in (& warm-up)

5:45-6:30 Level I-IV (PreK-2nd) Games w/ MS Game Managers

6:30-7:30 Level V small-sided games w/ MS Game Managers

7:30-8:00 Level VI + Full field scrimmage w/ MS Game Managers



4/5 girls, MS Boys , MS Girls in WVSL Classic w/ Games April 9th-June 11th Game Schedule Link



All Club/family scrimmage-ON HOLD THRU MAY!

Year-round Deposit Return Bottle and Can Drive
for the YCSC Scholarship Program
Please save your  $0.10 deposit return bottles and cans to help YCSC keep costs the lowest in the state of Oregon for our players and families!

Your generous donations will keep our community minded, grassroots programs going STRONG and accessible to all!

Please save your "deposit return" cans and bottles for the YCSC Scholarship Program! Bottles and cans are collected at the Arena. Our Scholarship Program not only ensures that every child who wants to play soccer can afford to, be we also use the funds to provide all the equipment for our MANY FREE programs: "Get up and GO" Obstacle Course, Toddler Fun Time, Champions Club, Arena Drop in, TOPSoccer. Our programs touch the lives of 700+ people annually, from toddlers-seniors, including special needs and emerging athletes, and all our seasoned players. Please join us and donate your "deposits"! Funds raised beyond scholarship needs will be held in the 2030 Community Field Cover Project!

Coach Karen


All Club scrimmages

Sundays, 3:00-4:00 starting Nov 7

Parents welcome with a signed waiver (please only bring players experienced enough to be aware of the ball, player movement and understand how to combine play with teammates. Safety & confidence is most important for player development & enjoyment in the game. Young players enjoy a parent teammate, so join us!!)

Join our Juggling Champions!

We welcome all players of any age... All you need do is juggle your "age" to be recognized. 

Top of the leader board is the

incredible, and ever-dedicated,

LUKE CORRIGAN w/ club record of 173!



We are welcoming all players interested in TOPSoccer. Any player with the desire to play regardless of any physical and cognitive needs or limitations, should consider joining our TOPS Team! Soccer truly is the game for all! We will be organizing fun play opportunities with other TOPSoccer teams from other communities. Ability to participate on turf field is the only restriction for the team.

Upcoming: Sundays

YCSC welcomes all youth with  special needs that could benefit from experiencing the game in a fun environment with their own TOPS Buddy. Wheelchairs and walkers welcome, but pls communicate w/ Coach Karen ahead of time so we can create proper access to the Arena. 

FREE, Register on-line now so you can hear the minute registration opens!!.

Champions Club

Join us for FUN and

to work on skills to earn your Free Champions Club Jacket!

FREE, Register on-line.

Starts November 3rd 

NO cleats in the Arena!

Free one-on-one skill training/assessment available

on request for 2020-2021 Annual Club Members

With Courage Breast Cancer


next date TBD

Your $25 donation to With Courage will help our club support our courageous families and friends and their fight against cancer❤️

Join the fun 🍷

"Get Up and Go"
Obstacle Course

FREE w/ fun prizes 

Next Date TBD

...a parental signed waiver is required! Register on-line, print off your waiver or bring your parent to the event! ❤️

MC - Vertical (Light Background).jpg
Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 10.52.24

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln

MC - Banner (Light Background).jpg

No matter your age or ability, there is a way to become involved with the YC Soccer Club. In addition to our youth leagues and programs, we sponsor free toddler programs, through adult/coach drop in. If playing is not on your agenda, then we welcome you to get involved through volunteerism and fundraising.


YC Soccer Club provides opportunities for the youth and families of Yamhill County to engage and cultivate community through the game of soccer.


We offer free training to all of our coaches and soccer parents.  From the on-line Licenses, to free sessions with fabulous guest coaches, to advanced education, YCSC is here to support the greatest grassroots coaching staff possible.


The YC Soccer Club has a record of volunteerism that is unparalleled by other clubs in Oregon. A major part of our mission is to help our club members be the best community members they can be.